Jamie Lampton

Jamie Lampton

Welcome to Pink Peony Creations Fabric Shop! I'm Jamie, the proud owner, and I'm thrilled to share a bit about myself and the journey behind this cozy little corner of the quilting world.

Pink Peony Creations began as a humble venture in early 2021, rooted in my passion for crafting and a love for fabrics. What started with just ten bolts of fabric and a handful of handmade items on Etsy has blossomed over the past three years, thanks to the incredible support of fellow quilters, business-minded individuals, and, of course, wonderful customers like you. Every stitch and every sale has been a blessing, fueling the growth of this cherished endeavor.

Beyond my role as a small business owner, I am first and foremost a woman saved by grace, a devoted wife to my incredibly supportive husband, Ryan, and a proud mother of two adult children, Tristen and Lillian. While my roots lie in Maryland, I now call West Virginia home, where I find joy in the beauty of the mountains and the ever-changing tapestry of the seasons.

Creativity runs deep in my family's veins, a legacy passed down from generations before me. Fond memories of summers spent crafting with my Grandma in her cottage home ignite my passion for creating. It was there, amidst drawers brimming with colored pencils and craft paper, that I discovered the magic of making something beautiful with my own hands.

My mother's skillful hands sewed the fabric of our childhood, from Halloween costumes to holiday dresses, instilling in me a love for sewing and crafting. The local quilt shop, where she once worked, became a second home for my sister and me, nurturing our creativity through sewing and crafting classes.

Knitting and crocheting became my new ventures under the guidance of my Grammie, her patience and talent weaving tales of warmth and comfort with every stitch. And who could forget those summer afternoons spent with Aunt Nancy, learning the art of embroidery and creating intricate bracelets that were all the rage in the '90s?

My journey with sewing took a significant turn when my husband gifted me a Viking sewing machine. With determination and a few mishaps along the way (including a memorable Easter Sunday wardrobe malfunction!), I honed my skills, sewing everything from drapes to quilts, often learning as I went in the absence of YouTube tutorials.

As my children grew, so did my desire to pursue my passion on a larger scale. With the support of loved ones, I took the leap and launched Pink Peony Creations Fabric Shop, a dream nurtured through years of homeschooling and homemaking.

Outside the realm of sewing, I find solace and joy in various pursuits, from tending to my garden and solving puzzles to curling up with a good book and exploring the great outdoors with our beloved golden-doodle, Mae.

Thank you for stepping into my world of creativity and craftsmanship. Pour yourself a cup of tea, browse the shop, and feel free to reach out—I'd love to connect with you!

Warm regards,
Owner, Pink Peony Creations Fabric Shop


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